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QDangerous Goods Handling ?

Shipping dangerous goods worldwide can be complicated. When air supply must stay current in transport regulations affecting hazard classification, Packaging, marking labeling, and documentation. Whether by air or ground, we can help your dangerous good

QAre there any types for dangerous goo

Per ICAO, there are nine categories dangerous goods as below details: Terms 1. Explosives Terms 2. Gases Terms 3. Flammable Liquids Terms 4. Flammable Solids, Substances Liable to Spontaneous Combustion,Substances which, incontact with Water, Emit Flammable Gases Terms 5.Oxidizing Substances, Organic Peroxides Terms 6. Toxic,Infectious Substances Terms 7. Radioactive Materials Terms 8. Corrosive Substances Terms 9. Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

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