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Shipping Services From China to Egypt


China and Egypt are  both "old " country with more than 5000years history. China is the world factory since 1980s, now China is also the biggest country if calculation on export cargo value .
Egypt, it is a Mediterranean country that connects Africa’s northeast corner with Asia’s southwest corner, Egypt imported an estimated US$65.1 billion worth of product in 2019.  Egypt is already the one of the major trade partner with China, every day, shipping from China to Egypt business is prosperous. According to the statistics ,  The following product represent the highest dollar value in Egypt's import  purchases during 2019. 

1.    Machinery including computers: US$7.4 billion 
2.    Electrical machinery, equipment: $6.4 billion 
3.    Mineral fuels including oil: $4.4 billion  
4.    Vehicles: $4.2 billion  
5.    Cereals: $3.4billion 

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