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Have you ever tried on line EXPO ?


Have you ever tried on line EXPO before?

Maybe it is new for you, but now China's Canton Fair goes completely online because of Covid-19, which was spread over 100 countries in the past 4 months. As we know ,The Canton Fair, it is the world's largest trade exhibition, that starts last week in Guangzhou will go completely online as China's exporters grapple with a global slump in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Canton Fair big effect on the export business from China to worldwide, 20 years ago, almost all the China factories get foreign trading order via Canton Fair. Every spring and autumn, thousands of buyers and suppliers will meet in Guangzhou city for new orders. They ship goods from China to the world by sea freight or air freight. If you need logistics sloution, please feel free and contact us. 


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