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The West American port could not reach a labor agreement in time, but the port will not strike


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The much-anticipated labor-management negotiations at the U.S.-West port have not released any new news for a long time. On June 14, the two sides finally issued a joint statement, saying that the negotiations are still continuing and both sides are committed to reaching an agreement. Negotiations between the International Terminals and Warehousing Union (ILWU) and the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) began on May 10 and have been tugging for some time, and the old labor contract will expire on July 1 this year.


On June 10, the two sides met with U.S. President Biden on the battleship USS Iowa moored in California. They discussed a number of issues with Biden, including the current supply chain congestion, and they also jointly promised to reach an agreement on both sides. Fair collective bargaining agreements. A group of groups sent a letter to the U.S. government last week urging the White House to intervene in talks to avoid disruption to the port. The industry generally believes that the focus of this negotiation is the automation of the terminal.


The negotiating parties are PMA, which represents terminal operators and shipping companies, and ILWU, which represents dock workers. The contract will cover all ports on the West Coast of the United States, covering 22,000 workers in 30 ports. Both parties believe that the new agreement cannot be reached before July 1, but they will still ensure that the transportation of goods will continue to operate after the old contract expires, and said that contrary to the media rendering, neither party is prepared to strike or stop work.



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