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3,133 containers fell into the water last year, 4 times the year-on-year


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In 2021, the shore-based staff and crews of international liner companies will operate 6,300 ships, successfully transporting about 241 million containers of critical supplies worth US$7 trillion to the world. The World Shipping Council's (WSC) Container Average Report (2020-2021) shows that the number of overwater containers, which had been on a downward trend, has risen over the past two years, with 3,133 containers lost overboard in the 2020-2021 period, compared with the previous one. 779 in 2018, an increase of 400% year-on-year.


The WSC noted that the 2020-2021 winter season saw a high number of weather-related incidents, including the loss of 1,818 containers from the ONE Apus in November 2020 and the loss of 750 containers from the Maersk Essen in January 2021. Although the proportion of containers falling into the water is less than one thousandth (0.001%) of the total transportation volume, accidents can lead to expensive insurance claims, which include not only the loss of cargo in the container, but also environmental damage, transshipment, and transshipment in sensitive areas. goods, etc.


WSC claims to have improved container shipping safety through the MARIN Top Tier project, of which WSC and its members are founding partners. The project will last for three years and use scientific analysis, research and practical calculations to formulate and publish concrete and actionable recommendations to Reduce the risk of containers falling into the water. The early research results of this project show that parametric rolling is the change in stability of a ship with less damping in longitudinal waves or near longitudinal waves when encountering waves of a certain frequency. It is very dangerous for container ships, which is accompanied by significant pitching and heave motions resulting in a large roll angle in a short period of time.


To prevent more incidents like this from happening, WSC has updated an operational circular describing how containership crews and operators should act to prevent parametric roll in downwind waters. In addition to the MARIN Top Tier program, the WSC and its members actively promote and support the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to revise the guidelines for the Cargo Transport Inspection Program, and the WSC also supports the establishment of a mandatory reporting framework for all containers lost in the water.



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